DIY: woven bowl basket

woven bowl basket jute twine weave woven weaving rope 

 I have a confession. I'm ever-so-slightly obsessed with baskets. I love the warm texture, simple elegance, functionality and vintage-vibe. Recently it seems like nearly everywhere we go there's a gorgeous basket (or three) just waiting to be scooped up and taken home. But alas, every basket I've found has been too big for our space-challenged home. 

Not to be out-done, I hightailed it to my local craft store for some thick jute twine in the hopes of creating a smaller version of the baskets I'd been craving. And so this woven bowl basket was born.

This bowl basket is easy to create and makes a playful piece; unfussy and simple. Perfect for displaying some of the season's best produce or perhaps corralling some craft supplies.

DSC_0700 copy.jpg

You will need: 

  • approximately 20 to 25 metres of 5mm thick jute twine (or any thick twine - the thicker or sturdier the better)
  • scissors
  • ruler


Step 1. Cut 12 lengths of twine, each 65cm long. Set aside the remaining twine. 

DSC_0716 copy.jpg

Step 2. Arrange 11 of the lengths of twine in a cross shape, 5 lengths horizontally and 6 lengths vertically, overlapping in the middle. These will create our spokes around which we will weave. Take the remaining length of twine and wrap and tie the end around the mid-point where the twine lengths overlap to secure them. Allow the rest of this length of twine to trail off, it will become another one of the spokes. 

DSC_0766 copy.jpg
DSC_0771 copy.jpg
DSC_0783 copy.jpg

Step 3. Take the end of the remaining twine and tuck and tie it into the mid-point of the spokes. You can now begin weaving the long length of twine in and out between the spokes, working around in a circle. Keep weaving around the circle until you're happy with the size of your bowl. 

TIP: Keeping the bowl even in shape can be tricky so if you're having trouble, try placing your twine-spokes over an up-turned mixing bowl and use it to help shape your twine bowl. 

DSC_0786 copy.jpg
DSC_0796 copy.jpg
DSC_0805 copy.jpg

Step 4. When you're happy with the size of your twine bowl begin twisting the ends of the spokes along the rim of your bowl.  Use the remaining length of twine to wrap around the twisted spokes and attach them to the rim of the bowl. Keep wrapping the twine until you have all the spokes neatly tucked in and a relatively neat rounded rim. Tuck the end of the length of twine into the bowl. 

DSC_0820 copy.jpg
DSC_0832 copy.jpg

Now you're ready to fill your bowl with all kinds of goodies, fruit, craft supplies or whatever takes your fancy! 

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